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Are you wishing to make a blog in this year that's great!!! But you know, Blogging these days has become very competitive and is very hard for a blogger to exist in this competition so when a blogger comes to this field they have to be patient and motivated to write a post continuously but the motivation of a blogger fails when they see that there is no any scope and success coming from blogging so for existing in the competition you need to be motivated and for this motivation you need to earn from your blog. So today I will Be sharing how to start To Earn money from a new blog.

Earn money from a New Blog
Earn money from a New Blog

Basically, Blogger thinks that there are many networks like revenue hits, popads, adnow, infolinks, etc. which you can connect to your blog. you are right but you know these ad networks are wastage of time. you believe or not these are just waste of time instead of this You can use few other ways to generate normally $100 per month to be in the market. For earning $100 per month you have to bring these on your website. these are the most compulsory parameter which you have to follow.

Quality Content

So, the first thing you have to think about the quality of content because of your content is the king if you want to make money you must focus on the quality of your content. This quality of content, arrest your visitors to your site due to which you will start earning.

SEO For your Blog

Now, Do SO and generate some backlinks. this will lead to the ranking of your site on google and you will be able to  generate more by this


This is the main parameter which depends on the above two parameters and is responsible for your earning. Quality content will arrest your audience and visitor will read more and more posts and due to which the engagement will be high and your earning will be more

Conclusion:- What you have to do to Earn money from a New Blog.

Now I will suggest you that only 2-3 ad Network is best for the blogging that is Google Adsense, Media.net, and Taboola but in starting of a blog you will not get the approval of this site so you have to either wait or you apply these formulae which I am going to tell you now. don't go for other options like revenue hits, pads etc, these make your website messy and irritating.
So instead of that do this.
you go for Link shortener website and put the links in your blog post so when you will write good article people will love to read it and will click on the internal link where you have to place the shorten links. this will give you good earning. some of the best link shorteners website is

  1. Zagl (#3 Recommended)
  2. MakeUrl  (#1 Recommended)
  3. Clickfly  (#2 Recommended)
  4. Pettylink
I recommend these sites which pay more and have small payouts
clickfly has a minimum payout of $1 so that you can take it in PayPal account it has $2 per 1000 clicks
makeURL has very high payouts up to $18 per 1000 clicks which is more than every other network. so you can join these networks by clicking on the above links. and trust me as much as traffic you get you will get more earning but for this, you have to place more and more internal links like you must be seeing some links like "read this also" type links and place the shortened links. So, you can do this to Earn money from a New Blog. You can easily make $100 per month using that. So after few months, you can apply for Adsense and media.net

So guys, is this helpful for you? if yes then share it to your friends if not then please comment below and also write your problem. You can also share your opinion in the comment box. So, thank you.

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